Company Overview

The Oklick trademark is owned by major international venture company, Nippon Klick Co. (, that specializes in selling computer hardware in China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and other South-Eastern Asia regions. The central office of the company is located in Hong-Kong.

Oklick products are manufactured at factories in China, among which Nippon Klick Co. conducts tenders for order placing. All the product companies are certified under international quality standards, and their production process is flexible for introducing technical and design innovations.

The main tasks of the central office in Hong-Kong are to choose overseas production companies and to place orders at factories, to control manufacturing quality and introduce innovations in design and technology.

Our products

The MERLION company has exclusive rights to promote the products under the Oklick trade mark in the Russian Federation: it determines the strategy of promoting products and designs the brand's marketing policy.

For a more active introduction of a new trademark in the market, MERLION ensured its adaptation. Elements of the corporate design of the products were worked out (the packing styling design, POS materials, etc.), a web site was established for Russian users. Consultations with Russian specialists in input device ergonomics were conducted.

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